Congratulations to all of our testers from last weekend! We also had some amazing milestones reached by students. Our Ohana is a very special place. Professor shared his thoughts on Facebook and we have added them here:

“Great testing last weekend! Great job to all the testers, they worked hard and showed a great Kaju attitude. It w#tranas extra special to have Papa Lim visit and be there for the promotions. Thank you to all the black belts that assisted and helped make the pretest run smoothly. This was the last test at the Mesa location, the next test will be at our new Greenfield location! All tests at Kaju AZ are special but some are very important and memorable for the the individuals.

In this test in particular we had the final Black Belt test for Michelle Tieu, after overcoming 3 difficult pretests, where in each pretest she exhibited her physical stamina, perseverance, calm assurance, and amazing technical ability. I am proud off this young lady. She is a great example of a Kajukenbo Arizona black belt.

I would also like to acknowledge Jason Taylor for his achievement of Brown Belt. He’s also an excellent example of a Kaju AZ student. His calm and humble attitude make teaching and training with him enjoyable. He’s also a dedicated student in our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program where he is a very solid and capable coach. Well done Jason!

Shout out to Frankie Levine in getting her Jr Blue Belt! She has been training with us for almost 7 years. Being my niece isn’t easy and I am hard on her. She showed her ability to adapt and follow direction. She hits hard and can take it as well, just as I would expect my own kids.

Last weekend included testing and promotions for two of our students that Sifu Nicolas Corder has spent extra time working with: Gunnar Schilling and Chris Hesser.

Gunnar has an amazing heart and a true love for Kajukenbo. He trains hard and during the testing he really showed his ability to learn and demonstrate his Kajukenbo self defense. He has such a warm personality and really makes your heart melt when you spend time with him.

Chris Hesser went to elementary school with Sifu Nic. Chris has been training with us for 7 years. He has cerebral palsy but you wouldn’t know it by his attitude and his actions. He showed excellent Kajukenbo technique and really worked hard! Everyone was really impressed by his performance in achieving his Kajukenbo Blue Belt!

I am so proud of my son Sifu Nic for his ability to discover ways to motivate his students and work around their individual challenges while still preserving the material and foundation of Kajukenbo.

I truly believe martial arts is for every one and these amazing students prove it! Martial arts training mirrors life. There’s no reason to ever let our own challenges stop us from achieving our goals.

Finally, thank you to these students’ amazing parents for trusting us and our Kaju AZ team. Our lives are enriched by their families!

Also, thank you very much to Ron Greene for these photos!”

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