(Note: We shared this information with our families during Parent Night 2019.)

First and foremost, we are glad you are a Kaju AZ Family and appreciate all your efforts in your student’s experience and ours as a whole. We used to be “dojo parents” too so we understand how much it takes. Let me assure you, it’s worth it.

It’s About Connections

Kaju AZ is more than a business to us. We not only want to stay connected to our family but we sincerely desire to connect to you and your kids. Everything is set up for that to happen; to have those connections. Everything! The black belt principles, the way the kids sign in every night, the seminars, the class lesson plans. And these are the types of connections that make life fulfilling. The lifesaving connections. The emotional and spiritually uplifting connections that build us up.

Our Philosophy at Kaju AZ

Our philosophy at Kaju AZ: we attempt to maintain the tradition of Kajukenbo, instill the basics of self- defense in our kids, and allow students to train in a safe, family-feel atmosphere. It is a tough balance to remain tough and yet be sensitive to the many handicaps that plague students and even adults in these times.

There is a general feel to parenting that we need to coddle our children or shelter them from every potential injury. This has proven to produce adults with weak characters or with too many roadblocks to successful, fulfilling lives.

We want our students, especially our children, to learn that: they can succeed at anything they put their minds to, that they can overcome difficulties, that, when knocked down, they can get back up again, that winning isn’t everything, and a good attitude and hard work are keys to success.So we practice a philosophy of being tough in a mental and spiritual way, toughening our bodies to handle physical challenges, and nurturing a caring and loving attitude to those around us.

What “Live Clean, Fight Dirty” REALLY Means

Our school motto is Live Clean. Fight Dirty.
Fighting dirty doesn’t mean we are cheaters to those we come in contact with; it means that we will do anything to defend our loved ones and ourselves. Living Clean means that our daily lives should be dedicated to a higher purpose of living the black belt principles and living the Golden Rule: to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
One phrase that you might hear us use is: “It’s not about the kicking and the punching.” What this means is that the training should extend to life outside the dojo. Being a good son or daughter, a good student, a good friend, and leader among peers is really what the training should help us become. The kicking and the punching provide an opportunity for learning
respect for others,
knowledge that hard work pays off,
that the best reward is the work itself,
and the internal sense of accomplishment for hard work.

What Parents Can Do: Top Tips for Success in Class

How can you help your child’s success at Kaju AZ?
• Have a schedule and stay with it.

• Don’t ask your child “Do you want to go to Kaju today?”  Keep in mind that kids are present and focused and if they are doing something fun, they will answer “no.” Instead say, “It will be time to go in 15 minutes, so please start to get ready.”

• If resistance to coming to class persists, which sometimes it does, please let us  know. Often times, a little instructor – student communication is all that is needed.

• Measure your child’s feelings about whether or not they like Kaju by how they feel AFTER class, not before.

• If as a parent you feel martial arts is important for your child, asking them if “they want to” usually doesn’t elicit the desired response.   Children lack the education and experience necessary to make decisions of this type.

Other Important Points:

We encourage parents to invite guests and family to come and watch their children in class.  However, please follow these guidelines (for yourself and your guests):

• No addressing to, talking to or commenting to your student while they are on the mat.  This makes it impossible to maintain order in class and younger kids especially are easily distracted.

• Please refrain from laughing or drawing attention to yourself if your child does something funny or entertaining (and they often do).

• Allow Professor, the Sifu’s and the instructors to do our job!  Please do not correct your child while they are training.  If they are not following instructions or completing a technique/drill correctly, the instructors will address that directly with them.   Instructors may also choose to not address it with them but trust us, they see what corrections are needed.

• Finally – take a lot of pictures!  This is a great time for your family and it will be fun for your child to see their progress and growth during their martial arts journey.