Women's Self Defense

Do you know what to do to stay safe?

Do you have a self defense strategy?

Women severely assaulted each year by a male.

Learn to fight back before it’s too late!

Our Women’s self defense course teaches the verbal, mental, and physical techniques that will enable you to stay safe in any situation. Self defense is not all about the kicking and punching. Students learn how to avoid conflict, but if conflict is inevitable, how to handle the situation and come out safe.

1 in every 8

Women will be a victim of forcible rape.

1 in 3

Women are victims of sexual assault.

Seven Keys to Personal Safety

  • Believe in Yourself: When you believe in yourself, you’ll trust your wisdom and your strength.
  • Understand Reality and FACE IT: Don’t think it can’t happen to you because it can.
  • Stay Aware: Stay aware, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.
  • Trust Your Intuition: If your intuition is warning you, there IS something wrong. Trust it, and act to increase your personal safety.
  • Develop Your Body’s Strength: Being strong and confident makes you MUCH less likely to be targeted.
  • Fight Back: Fight with 100% conviction in your right and ability to protect yourself.
  • Learn Practical Self-Defense: Practice makes perfect. Keep working toward getting stronger, more confident and able to defend yourself and your family at any time or any place.

Self defense is NOT violence!

A Safety Tip from Michael Linehan
We have, at times, spoken to women who were initially reluctant to learn truly effective self-defense because they thought of it as violent – as lowering themselves to the attacker’s level. A surgeon can wield a knife (scalpel) to save someone’s life. A predator can wield a knife to harm someone. “Wielding” your self-defense skills to preserve your life, and to return to those who love you and need you, is a powerfully positive and life- affirming action. It has NOTHING in common with the actions of those who prey on others for their own pleasure. So, if you haven’t made a decision about this before, please consider it now – because, when you are in the middle of a situation it might be too late to think about these matters and to decide what you are willing to do. Give yourself permission – right now – to do what you need, to defend yourself. Then, if you ever need to, you’ll be prepared to act immediately, decisively and powerfully to protect yourself.

Women will be stalked during their lifetime

  • Fun but Practical classes
  • Verbal & Physical Self-Defense
  • Great Cardio
  • Family Friendly Environment
  • Learn how to use ordinary objects as weapons
  • and More!

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Every three months we teach a FREE hands-on clinic that is open to the public. We discuss these topics and many more. We also teach group clinics at your office, event, or community center. Call us to schedule at your convenience. We also can provide private or semi-private self-defense instruction for individuals. Contact us for details.

Ask about our new Women’s Only Advanced Self Defense Course

We host an Advanced Self Defense class for Women on the first Thursday of the month. We discuss advanced topics for keeping you safe in any situation.