Kids Self Defense

Does your child know what to do to stay safe?

Can your child:

  • Identify what a stranger is?
  • Identify bad situations?
  • Use effective verbal techniques?
  • Have the confidence to get help when needed?


A kidnapper will say anything to take your child.

Learn to fight back before it’s too late!

Our kids self defense course allows your child to learn the verbal, mental, and physical techniques that will enable them to stay safe in any situation. Self defense is not all about the kicking and punching. We learn how to avoid conflict, but if conflict is inevitable, how to handle the situation and come out safe.

What children need to know and practice to be safe:
  • A stranger is just someone I don’t know and can look like anybody.
  • How to stand and walk with awareness and confidence.
  • How to keep a safe distance from someone approaching them.
  • How to get help from a busy or insensitive adult if they are lost or scared.
  • How to make noise, run, and get to safety in case of an emergency.
  • What to say and do if a stranger approaches them at home.
  • How to escape when grabbed (arm, hair, foot).

Children kidnapped each year

Can you teach children to be safe without scaring them?

Children’s personal safety skills, when supported, can help them stay safe with most people most of the time. Young people are at risk of assault, abduction, and abuse even in caring families, schools, and communities. Prevention is the key to protecting children’s personal safety. The good news is that there are simple and effective ways of teaching children how to protect themselves.

Just telling children about safety or just showing children what to do is not enough. When we just talk to children about danger, their raised awareness can actually raise their level of anxiety. Young people learn best by actively participating. Practicing children’s personal safety skills increases their confidence and competence. It is important to do this in a way that is not scary, but is fun. Your child can learn with you, and in programs such as Kajukenbo Arizona’s Martial Arts.

Learn real self defense before it’s too late

  • Fun but Practical classes
  • Real Self-Defense
  • Discipline
  • Family Friendly Environment
  • and More

Approximately 50% of children abducted by non-family members are murdered and 74% of these children are dead within three hours. (Source: American Prosecutors Research Institute, 1999)

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Every 3 months we teach a free clinic that is open to the public. We discuss these topics and many more. We can also teach a clinic at your child’s school, den meeting, or community center. Call us to schedule a clinic at your convenience. We also can provide private or semi-private self-defense instruction, contact us for details.