Aloha! Why is sparring important at Kaju AZ? We devote extra time to our sparring curriculum the third teaching week of each month. The first thing to understand is that “sparring” does not mean “fighting” as they both have completely different objectives. Sparring in martial arts is used as a means of teaching students to use the techniques they learn within their training. Fighting however, is often associated with “no rules” which is the kind of scenario expected from a street confrontation. (We do train for these types of scenarios with our advanced and adult level students.)

We believe that sparring plays a vital role in martial arts because it allows students to practice their techniques against a live moving target. Sparring is great training for stamina and resistance and the back-and-forth action mimics a more realistic life situation. We keep sparring friendly and controlled so that everyone can learn from each other, gain confidence and improve his/her fitness level.

During sparring week, please allow some extra time and arrive to class early to get your sparring gear on.  We have a limited amount of gear available for those students who do not have their own. They are ready on a first-come, first-served basis. Our administrative staff and instructors will help students get their gear on.

Thank you for your continued support!

-Aunty Jen

Aunty Jennifer Corder, an Arizona native, is co-owner of Kajukenbo Arizona with her husband Professor Kelly Corder, and sons Sifu Nicolas and Sibak Cameron. She graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Family Resources and Human Development. She is a black belt in Kajukenbo with over 15 years of martial arts and self-defense training. She and her husband also founded Redrock Software Corporation in 1991 and enjoys working with her family in both businesses.