May 2018 Testing Photos

Congratulations to all of our testers from last weekend! We also had some amazing milestones reached by students. Our Ohana is a very special place. Professor shared his thoughts on Facebook and we have added them here: "Great testing last weekend! Great...

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Why You Should Donate Blood on February 3rd at Kaju AZ

Did you know that every person who donates their blood has the potential to save 3 lives? Lindsay Crowder received blood transfusions to save her life after she was diagnosed with leukemia, first at 2 years-old and, then again when she relapsed at age 6. During her...

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Bottom Line: Awareness is 95% of Self Defense

I know that 95% of self-defense is awareness. I don’t have any actual source to attribute it to and it might be a higher percentage in fact. But I feel like it’s common sense. At Kaju AZ we have been involved with self-defense in our community for more than 11years....

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You’re Invited!

Studies show that the more a parent is involved with their child’s life, the more successful the child will be. I believe it. There is a relationship between effort and result. My experience as a parent bears this out. I was fortunate to be an integral part  - despite...

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Learn, Commit, Do

One of the qualities I love most about Professor Kelly is his belief in constant and never-ending improvement. Throughout the 33 years we have been together, I have seen him never be satisfied with his education or skill level. Honestly, sometimes it’s annoying. For...

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Just Say No to Quitting

Ed note: Reprinted with permission from Train Strong to Remain Strong and in honor of the many new kiddos we have joining our Ohana! My husband and I decided that martial arts was an activity our children would participate in. We were the adults and guardians of our...

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Self-Respect Begins with Respecting Others

Manners appear to me to be a lost art. Daily, I see oblivious, rude people living in my well-intentioned and mannered world. No one says "thanks" when you hold the door open for them. Or even smiles at you for that matter.  Parents allow their children to interrupt...

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Come Try a Class at Our New Location!

In Gilbert at Greenfield and Warner (Warner Greenfield Square Shopping Center)

888 S Greenfield Rd, #105, Gilbert, AZ 85296

Phone: 480-755-3008